I came up in the camera club circuit and went beyond that into international Salon Exhibitions throughout the world. I, again, had great success and was even listed in the top 25 exhibitors in the world doing pictorial color work and ranked as #12 in the world for several years in a row in Nature Exhibitions. I have put all of that behind me and since my retirement in January of 2001. I have decided to market a few of the 30,000 hand picked slides that I have on file. They do no good if they sit in file drawers and go unseen. I do have 5 multi image, digital music slide shows, each with 480 slides, but I still have so many more slides and what do I do with them? So, I picked some that I liked and worked on them in my computer to make some very nice files that in turn make some beautiful, high quality digital prints. They make lovely wall decor for the home and office and are great as gifts for that special occasion.

Most of the images that I see on the internet are landscapes, some being quite striking. I wanted to be different, so I mixed up my subject matter into a good diversity of images and avoided the commonly seen landscape. For those looking for something different, I find a sort of special beauty in the dreamy soft focus flower images that I show you in my photo gallery along with Nature images, coastal New England, Amish studies and various Fine Art Pictorials.

As a photographer, I use several Nikon F-5 bodies and a variety of premium lenses such as, 17-35 mm F2.8, 80-200 mm F2.8, 300 mm F-2.8S, and 500 mm F4.0S, all of which are the latest state of the art "Glass". I also use a 200 mm ED macro for most of my close up work and an 85 mm F1.4 AF for low and magic light studies.

My favorite films are Kodak E-100VS and Elite Chrome 100, as they hold color and contrast very well and are very sharp, producing stunning digital prints. My choice of papers are mat and luster premium finishes that are truly Archival and are of Gallery and Exhibition grade. They will last well over 100 years if properly framed and back sealed and hung out of direct sunlight. I have taken great care in photographing my subject matter as a very simplistic presentation, so you can be comfortable looking at my images for a long time. Today, 35 mm equipment allows a photographer to capture images that a large format user can not get because of their lack of ease in handling and poor flexibility. Move on to my Gallery and see what I have to offer, it is only a drop in my photographic bucket. All of my images are created using an Epson Stylus Pro 5500 Digital Printer.